tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Unattainable

The Unattainable


You are the unattainable
When you cross my mind
A shiver runs through me
As icy water shocks the plants into living

I am drawn to you
Though I can never have you
You are the butterfly in my palm
I may admire you, but can never have you for my own

When you are near
I drown my body in you
Your essence, your warmth, your being
Soaking up all I can like a sponge to save for a rainy day

Your affections, your attentions
Are like sunlight
They make feel beautiful, warmed, loved
I cling to that warmth when the sun sets

In my life, as I have wished and hoped and dreamed of perfect love
Some sprite molded you according to my definition
Only to taunt me with your existance
And I pay penance for sins unknown

Yet I would damn any god
Be banished from the gardens of beauty
To taste for a moment that which my being yearns for

But you are the unattainable
And I will never have you
But like the butterfly in my palm, I will catch you again
And I will love you always

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