The Wall


A place that supports those who lean
For me it is a place for us to dream
A place that becomes a lovers playground
For yours and my fooling around

Against the wall you press my face
As you lift my skirt above my waist
Your hands slap my ass with bold desire
I cringe, and claw and burn in loves fire

Cheeks tingling, and burn - I do admire
Your quaint but welcome S&M desire
Makes my pussy so swollen, so hot, so wet
Fingers from pussy to mouth, you taste with no fret

Your mouth on my pussy, eyes closed head back
Your tongue launches a delicious all out pussy attack
You tickle and tease my erect juicy clit
Then into my dripping pussy two fingers you fit

The wall becomes my support, my beam
In and out, those fingers, they ream
Your member has grown so monster in size
This wall will be responsible for my damn demise

I hold your cock and guide it to my hole
I feel it, warm and satisfying and bold
It searches the core of my pussy so deep
I clutch the wall and begin to weep

My pussy grabs hold of your cock so boldly
And I whisper in your ear, baby-just hold me
I cum with a vengeance only you can know
I grab you and squeeze you as we rock to and fro

You clench your ass cheeks and pin me so tight
Against the wall in the dead of the night
Cuming and cuming two bodies delight
Fucking against a wall with all our might..

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