tagErotic PoetryTheir desire

Their desire


She walks right in,
right in,
and right to him.

Filled with hurt,
Filled with need,
Pain that only he can ease.

The volume rises in her thoughts,
and everything is drowned out
by the lyrics in her head,
she just smiles at him,
and hums the rhythm of the song,
and all she hears is, "Sometimes I wake up with the sheets soaking' wet..."

She wants to ease the hurt in him.
She just... wants him.
She just... wants him to want her.

She turns to face him and leans against the desk in the lobby,
and she doesn't even know that the very same song is playing behind his eyes,
"Hey little girl is your daddy home, did he go and leave you all alone, I got a bad desire..."

Thoughts of him and her,
encounters they have had,
how they exist.

"Tell me now baby is he good to you, can he do to you all the things that I like to, I can take you higher..."

Eyes meeting,
"oh oh oh I'm on fire".

Song lyrics are from
Bruce Springsteins "I'm on fire".
The rest of the poem is my own.

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