tagErotic PoetryThere in the Dark

There in the Dark


was at night when it was dark
everyones said goodnight and apart
the first night when it did happen
you gave me such a start

you slipped into my room
knowing I was alone
never breathing any a word
my husband you knew was gone

you knew he was next door
you figured just as much
you knew we had our problems
fighting, intimacy and such

but how would you know
without us discussing it at all
that I'd stay so silent
when the night it would fall

you had to know I'd figure
it was a matter of math
it sure wasn't your sister
who else would take this path

your father away and asleep
your sister down the hall
how so dangerous it was
for you to come down that hall

what were you thinking
how did I ever let on
that somehow or other
in the dark I'd actually respond

when everyone else was quiet
and when you stepped inside
you knew I was awake
you knew I wouldn't hide

the first night you kissed me
you tensed when I almost yelled
but you sensed something there
something needed to be quelled

a stroke, some kissing
that first night was all
then you just left
I marveled at your gall

the next night I waited
you seemed to know that I would
how could you have known
with me just where you stood

you know I could've said something
like I could've said anything
could've made your life crazy
just by my own speaking

instead I stayed silent
how did you know that I would
instead I laid there waiting
like the obedient lover should

in the dark you came
and this time you kissed me full
this time there was more from you
bare flesh and I felt your pull

I just didn't stop you
and for that I was so wrong
but we know the excitement I felt
had been missing far too long

your hands and your lips
they tracked my every inch
nine or maybe ten times
I buckled and I flinched

my mouth it was wide open
but no not a sound was made
as my nerves were wrenched
and my legs they were splayed

oh I went to stop you
several times only in my head
but the truth it still remains
I let you stay there in my bed

you surprised me in so many ways
not just your being there
the boldness and the pleasure
the roughness as if in dare

then it struck me as so odd
your making my hand wrap you there
as if in some lurid preview
about how I was to fare

you were so proud of your gift there
one given to so few
and if the truth be known
I was so proud too

but shocked I was anyway
this much you surely knew
we both understood clearly
what you were about to do

truth is I didn't struggle
and I didn't even resist
incredibly I just held you
there in my small little fist

there in the dark
in the quiet of the night
you moved over and above me
and no I didn't fight

then up went my legs
and I knew what was next
you moved and you positioned
and there you actually flexed

for just a moment you did pause
and in the dark we couldn't see
but still we both knew
you were about to enter me

there in the dark
in the quiet of the night
your father and your sister
just barely out of sight

my hand it let go
the answer that you wanted
and you pressed fully forward
passionate and undaunted

I winced and I cried
and the pleasure it flushed
your length and your thickness
deep and deeper it so pushed

when I thought you were there
no more could be in store
you shifted and drove
making me take you more

once I was getting used to
your length and your girth
that's when you started pumping
for all that it was worth

I tossed and I lifted
trying in vain
to meet your thrusts to me
in pleasure and in sweet pain

waves washed over me
this I couldn't deny
I almost screamed aloud
never ever had I felt so high

then you clutched me too
and you stiffened and you held
I knew what was happening
as your pleasure lifted and swelled

as you lodged deep inside me
and I felt you there
where no lover had been before
this much I was aware

there was that all familiar kick
that release so very primal
you had now taken my sex
and this made it final

later as I laid there
awake and alone in the dark
you had drifted back away
your absence now was so stark

I laid there and I wondered
about so many things so long
how could I let this happen
how could I be this very wrong

one thing that I was sure of
I hated myself to admit
there was something I had no doubt about
not even the one least bit

never had I felt so taken
with a man I'd never been
so sure of such strong passion
that I'd have to fuck you again

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