tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's compassion

this gardener's compassion


You're coming upon a painful time
filled w/ memories
Memories that make you cry
But within them you must see
it's these times that we should cherish
and look upon w/ a loving eye
without the experience or the pain
we would never learn to fly

If you could let go of the pain
Inside you’d surely see
There was value in these times
That caused your heart to bleed
With time there is healing
you must embrace the memory
As a life experience worth having
As an opportunity
To find the message
Embedded in the pain
See beyond the heartache
To be yourself again

Every encounter is a blessing
Orchestrated NOT from above
But within each one of us
Learning To BE love

To everyone still holding on to the pain of past relationships...

~~the tears of the past will blind you to the joy & love that surrounds you~~

dry your tears on the shoulder of a friend & have faith~ there is a good reason for everything that happens... you may not see it immediately, but have patience & FAITH

*written for her Olive Tree at a painful time in His life*

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