tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's distress

this gardener's distress


Thoughts of You cloud my senses
Sending me out to the stars
i think i see You but i’m blinded
By the brightness in the dark

Thoughts of You stir in me
All emotion i feel inside
Blending all the dark and light
Into feelings i cannot deny

Thoughts of You suspend motion
Where all time is standing still
As if captured by untrue devotion
……i don’t understand what i feel?

Thoughts of You hold me bound
~~~~i’m unable to get away
Not knowing if i should struggle
What will happen if i stay?

Thoughts of You take me out to sea
i’m surrounded by the abyss
Hearing not seeing what You do
~~~~Is this agony or is it bliss

Thoughts of You confuse me
i have no form, i have no shape
Your words manipulating
i don't recognize the me you make

Thoughts of You tear my world apart
i’m left searching for the pieces
Do i put them back where they were
Or to where this life here ceases?

Thoughts of You
Please help me—Please
be that Olive Tree
i was Your submissive~~
Your responsibility
i’m begging for Your strength
For You to nourish me
i placed my trust in You
don't leave me incomplete

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