tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's insecurity

this gardener's insecurity


i hate the pain i feel
i wish i felt You near
i don't know what to do
my heart cries in tears
i believe in tomorrow
i believe in living now
the love i hear You say
are the feelings i allow
the confusion that i feel though
i just cannot push away
through the night they come
and seem to steal Your words away
i need to let You go
so in my heart You'll remain
what im saying Sir is this
don't say these words to me
.....about a forever
because the actions that follow
seem to add up to a never
i stand with conviction
and i have faith in my heart
but with Your uncertainty O/our paths
may remain apart
W/we can't build a dream
unless O/our hearts are in harmony
let U/us take one day at a time
so W/we'll always feel loving unity

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