tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's Internet Angel

this gardener's Internet Angel


it's the little things You say
that tenderly touch my heart
it's Your gentle soothing voice
when my world is torn apart
that i soo long to hear
that fills me hope
that stops the endless tears
You catch me before they fall
just when i'm 'needing' You most
You always seem to call

is it just Your way
is it something that You know
can You sense in me
the feelings i don't show
can You read me like a book
~i'm not exactly on display
is it my words that provoke You
to speak to my heart this way?

i've told You at times before
of blue moods of me and You
and of life here in general
so this was nothing new
but this time You answered
and You showed me You care
and spoke of another time
that You and i will share

i will hold this invitation
as a promise of Your love
You are my Internet Angel
Sent from up above

~until then i'll be smiling~
thank You for lifting my spirits today!

*during a time of limited-contact*

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