tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's path continued

this gardener's path continued


i searched and i sought for something more
a meaning to my life, an open door
the path i've walked took me to You
without looking back i embraced the new

with You i found inside of me
a dying spirit needing release
You opened the door and with Your care
You lifted the fear and the veil of despair

in Your eyes i could now see my reflection
no longer clouded by self-affliction
i could see deep inside through Your eyes
just how You could see me as a prize

i have meaning and value inside of me
and the clarity to walk the path i see
i will make this trek on my own
with newfound life Your love has shown

i have to leave You now
and go this on my own
and be authentic to myself
and follow the path You've shown

*W/we severed O/our relationship for a period of time... but the door always remained open... i pray one day W/we will realize the dreams W/we once shared... inimately melting into eachothers souls... in every sense of the word~~~ i deeply love You, my Olive Tree*

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