tagNon-Erotic PoetryThose Three Words

Those Three Words


I've lost my muse
My inspiration is gone
The song in my heart has died
My pen can't carry on

You were my happy thought
You were my dream come true
You were my greatest inspiration
You were my strength to carry through

You visited my dreams at night
And brought the sunshine
Now I wake up in tears
Sadness as my bottom line

Your voice made me smile
You brought joy into my life
Now it makes my heart ache
And fills me with strife

You were my best friend
I bared my soul to you
Then it all changed
And I don't know what to do

You took three words
And wielded them against me
They cut me to my core
Ripped my heart from me

Now I'm left with all these broken pieces
Of what use to be my heart
I don't know how to put it back together
I have no idea where to start

Those three words
They will never fall from my lips again
It won't matter how I feel
I'm not letting anyone get back in

They changed everything
They took all the good away
They stole my inspiration
They left my heart in a state of decay

I know it shouldn't hurt this bad
And I keep trying to figure out why
I've been sitting here all day
Starring up at the cloudy sky

My thoughts are on you
And just why I hurt this much
Why now I feel so betrayed
Why I cringe from every touch

I finally got it
It made sense at last
The reason that it aches like this
The reason I can't move past

We had agreed not to say those words
We said we would wait
Then you told me "I heart you"
And we were fine, we were great

Then out of the blue you called me
And these are the words you did say:
"I heart you isn't cutting it anymore,
I love you"
Something had changed that day

You are the one who brought it up
You pushed me to say it back
Prompting me by saying"What do you say when a guy says those words to you?"
So I said those three words back

I loved you then and I love you now
I was terrified of saying that to you
Scared of the power of the words
Of what they could do

The words were freeing for me
Because I do love you and I wanted you to know that
But exactly a week later you called back
Messed with my heart, made me fall flat

"Can we stop using the love word? I'm scared. I'm not ready for it.
It freaks me out to my very core"
Then you acted surprised
When I responded in pain and more

What did you expect after that?
After toying with my heart?
After prompting me to say it back?
When we had said it was off limits from the start?

So now I sit here in pain
Choking on my tears
Trying to stop loving you so much
Because it invokes too much fear

But I can't help it
I'm head over heels in love with you
I just wish you hadn't played with my heart
Now it's black and blue

Was it ever even real at all?
How do you take "I love you" back?
Now I feel like I'm the one who should be apologizing
But I'm not the one who put our relationship under attack

I've lost my muse
My inspiration is gone
The song in my heart has died
My pen can't carry on

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