tagErotic PoetryThoughts of Him

Thoughts of Him


This morning while chatting with my new found lover
Though virtual he may be
I became quite aroused by the morning’s playful banter
Signing off I succumbed to a whim
And went off to pleasure myself with…
More thoughts of him

As I approached the bed I altered my course
And headed towards the tub instead
A nice hot bubble bath would augment my need
To further enhance my sultry deed
I would submerge myself…
In more thoughts of him

Aroma of lavender arose with the steam
Disrobed I stood without disgrace
A soft and lascivious smile curled upon my face
I wondered what fantasies I would now enact
To promote and expand…
More lustful thoughts of him

I lowered into the warm scented water
Soft sparkling bubbles enveloped one part at a time
Long legs, firm hips, supple breasts
Nipples now at their prime
Cold winter’s chill…
Or was it thoughts of him?

The morning sun filtering through
Steam evaporating from wetted skin
The last of winter’s chill abates
All my senses now sedate
I turn on the jets and settle in…
Inviting to mind, only those thoughts of him

I wonder now if he's thinking of me...

He’d said such beautiful things
He spoke of my beauty both inside and out
Acknowledging my mind and kind heart
Though virtual he remains
He reaches in and ignites a spark…
Deep within my most inner parts

He’s such a way with words and never holds back
He told me I have a most beautiful behind
A vision of him taking hold refined
The feel of a smack sublime
Breathing in, breathing out…
Oh, dare I let my mind depart

Closing my eyes I focus my intent
His presence feels so faintly near
Within mind’s eye he stands along side
Our eyes meet looking deep within
He awaits my invitation to join in
Mmm, more thoughts of him…and of what’s yet to come

His body slides in from behind
His warmth with mine, together entwine
The last of tension melts away
Leaning back I find, he’s indeed been thinking of me
His hardness molds with the curve of my spine
Mmm, more thoughts of him…and of what’s yet to come

As if they were his, my hands explore
Coddling, cupping, caressing my breasts
Fully at ease with a firm subtle squeeze
Pain to pleasure goes deep below
If only it were he…I would certainly succumb
Mmm, more thoughts of him…and of what’s yet to come

The jets all a swirl, my legs move apart
One onto the ledge, the other close to heart
My fingers find that swelling sweet spot
I can only imagine the feel of his tongue
Around and around, the day is still young
All thoughts are of him…It is I that has come…

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