tagErotic Poetrythree times better

three times better


you masterfully massage my most delicate place
as she feverishly french kisses yours
your firm thighs have her face in a leg lock
while i'm positioned on all fours

her famished mouth is placed perfectly
to devour your moist inner and outer lips
i'm bouncing my booty for both of you
like a stripper earning her tips

my almost hairless mound
hovers over her innocent face
you're tasting me from behind
at a slow, sexy pace

my 38 dees are dangling
their nipples are as hard as steal
we thoroughly enjoy one another
muff diving is the ultimate meal

her pointed tongue
plunges in and out of your hole
your bountiful breasts jiggle
your eyes begin to roll

you spread my soft cheeks smacking my cute bottom
and give my sweet salad a toss
i moan in utter delight
as for words i'm at a total loss

she's touching herself
i'm rubbing me
these types of interludes
are always better with three

so you two can be snatch to snatch
you slide your beautiful body down
it's my horny turn to sit on her face
and i quickly turn around

you and i lock eyes
we're instantly overcome with lust
we engage in a passionate kiss
as we fondle each others bust

she expertly licks my insides
and swallows every drop
you and i continue tongue tickling
too aroused to stop

along with our three distinct aromas
our whimpers and groans fill the air
you both know i like it rough
and each grab a fistful of my hair

all of our bodies are hot
they're glowing with beads of sweat
she's covered in my cream
and the two of you are equally as wet

we bump and grind together
we're panting and gyrating
this most certainly beats
being by ourselves masturbating

she cups one of my boobs from the back
while she fingers her own leaking twat
the gushing sound of her liquid excites us
we're loving this a lot

now us both in between her legs
returning the oral pleasures she previously gave
we're salivating uncontrollably
the flavor of her flesh we desperately crave

she thrusts upwards with her hips
she pushes downward on our heads
it's activities like this
that are known for breaking beds

she's sucking one of her nips
gently twisting the other one
her large load of lady lava
down both our chins does run

it was a steamy, sultry encounter
resulting in big o's for all
when i need to bust a fat one
i know the two to call

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