tagErotic PoetryTo the one I Love

To the one I Love


A vision in turquoise fills my hungry eyes
your golden curves framed to perfection
dark curls spill over white linen pillows on the bed
your graceful body arched like a spring that is need press down
my goddess in high heels, temptress divine body the glows

I feel the waves of heat rise from you soft flesh
shimmering in the soft candlelight your body shadow
like the sun pouring it's warming glow tru stain glass
your scent drifts seductive to fill my head with lust and taste
your soft moans phone my raging appetite to enjoy your fruit

I silently circle you like a hungry wolf getting to attack it's food
hooded eyes glowing unblinking I watch for the right time
sniffing the warm air, I growl to you tell you I am readily
a flash of knowing passes between us knowing lust is to began
two ancient souls bound by passion by our lust we have for both our bodies

A silent invitation in your sparkling eyes, tell you I need you
desires message mirrored on your full lips as my lips touch yours
the need and hunger is there unspoken to began eating your love tunnel
your call loudly rings in my heart's ear tell me lick and eat more
yes my lover, I said to my mate, You said shaking our body take me forever

Your silken bonds hold you so tightly and soft skin
your proud round rump raised high for me so my tongue goes in
a line of turquoise, like a winding stream flowing water
between those soft hills that call to me saying make love to me
to kneel behind you and delve so deep my tongue start then my spear is next

I raise the waters to seek that treasure of your G spot
a hidden jewel perfect and priceless worth a ton of gold
a delicate dusky rose moist with dew between your legs
calls to me nearer to probe it's secrets to find those sweet lips
and slowly open the gate and enter slowly not to hurt you

For all this life you have waited for me to come in your life
desire salty and rich like butter melting over the bread
over your trembling soft flushed skin my tongue taste your boobs
sweet surrender to my burning passion my spear finds the G spot
my goddess, made me a slave to you for more year to come

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