tagNon-Erotic PoetryTo Your Well Being.

To Your Well Being.

bySolar Dragon©

To your well being……
I have given you unconditional love.
If you can imagine me loving you then I can heal.
If you can believe in my heart then I can live with you.
If you believe love has any power then I can help bring pleasure in place of your pain.
If you can trust my love for you is real then I can have you dancing….
Dancing like the spirit in you has broken lose.
I have envisioned it all in a symbolic magical way….
I hold out my hand and a hummingbird hovers just above it.
It holds the tiniest little basket in its little feet.
The basket is so small and delicate …made of threads a little more than a whisper.
You are shocked as the bird comes out of nowhere.
For a moment your breath is taken away.
The hummingbird flies away and I ask you about pain.
In my vision you said …”what pain?”.
You wrap your arms around me in a rare loving way.
In my vision your eyes understand what you have experienced.
Now we both know pain is so small and tiny,
it can be carried away by a hummingbird….
With a basket made of the most delicate thread.
Now we both understand how powerful love is …
How pain and misery is taken away so easily with love.

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