A part of my soul has died tonight.
A part of it, ripped away.
A section lost, without hope, or retrieval, on this day.

A woman, mine once, far away.
A beauty true and sure.
A love like that, I shall not find, again or ever more.

Simple was the way it came.
The mail, a letter, clean.
A blow it was, like no other, apart from reality.

How long we had.
So short it was.
The best time of my life.
And now I know, you soon will be, another mans lovely wife.

I cry inside.
I Die inside.
I ask, How can this be?

I know the answer.
I went away.
Back to my son, and country.

But why, oh why?
Did it have to be?
My honour gave no choice.

A part of me died tonight.
A part was ripped away.
My soul, my heart, my love.
My Marion.

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