Touch Me


Touch Me

I want to be touched. Held. Stroked slowly. Kissed. Caressed. Softened with sips of sweet wine, whispered words and sensuous music. Touch me.

Touch me with firm hands and a lover’s smile. Lightly caress my scalp with your fingers. Nuzzle my neck with soft kisses. Welcome my mouth with the firm cover of your lips on my full, needy lips. Lick me like you have been starving for my taste as much as I have been yearning for yours. Swallow my hungry moans and feed me with your fire. Touch me.

Play me music as you remove my clothes. Expose my breasts with tautened tips waiting to be licked, sucked, bitten. Touch me. Look at me as you touch me with the hunger of your passion in your eyes. In your hands. I will stand and let you touch me. I will submit myself to the need of your hands. Feel their weight. Stroke them. Slap them. Pull them. Squeeze them. Grasp and mold them until you have had your fill of watching me squirm. Of hearing me cry out in my slavish surrender. Touch me.

Touch me with your hot mouth. Rub your head all over my skin. Wet my nipples with your tongue. Suckle me. Tease me. Nurse me like a hungry babe. Gasp your need into my willing skin. Touch me.

Rub your fingers gently on my quivering clit. Stroke me in rhythm with the music. Make me dance to the cadence of the pagan fires igniting my limbs. Anchor me around the waist as you lick my neck and gently stroke me. Grab my pussy in its wetness and rub your knuckles all over me. Pin me against the wall as you mercilessly tease my clit with soft strokes. Force the helpless moans from my throat as my arms hold onto you and my pussy weeps for mercy. Smile your victorious smile as my head falls back and my eyes roll in ecstasy. Call forth my release as you choke my breath off in your ferocity. Release the beast inside you. Touch me.

Bathe me with soothing hands and soapy cloth caressing every inch of my body. Touch me with your hands. Touch me with your eyes. Touch me with the unspoken lust racing across your mind. Bathe me in my concealed places. The dark crevices that tease. The hidden morsels that are sure to please. Write letters and figures and symbols all over my lathered body. Rub your own soapy torso over, in front and behind me. Splay me on the bathroom walls and follow the curves of my body. Tiny neck. Round shoulders. Curved waistline. Big, bold ass jutting forth like twin Pitons. Touch me.

Touch me with your mouth. In my most secret place. Wrap your tongue around the tiny peak. Let me grind my want onto your face. Stick your tongue deep within my secret hole. Squeeze my hood between my nether lips. Pull my legs up on your shoulder. Tip my ass and feast on me. Lick me til I fall down boneless. Til I shriek with utmost glee. Touch me.

I am yours for you to summon. I’ll be right there when you call. Drive your hard cock deep within me. Make my hungry pussy bawl. Force my legs into position. Pin me so I cannot run. Plunge your sweet cock til I burst forth. Til I come … and come … and come. Touch me with your words of madness. Make me dizzy with their song. Stroke inside me til the wetness soaks your cock enough to drown. Squeal your pleasure on the high notes. Draw all of your fire forth. Shoot its flames inside and on me. Scorch my cunt. My breasts. My nose.

Touch me. When in sweet collapse. You touch me. With your heaving frame. Let us come down to earth together. Linger slowly. Wait. Just wait. Touch me one more time. A soft kiss. Touch me with your soulful eyes. Touch me with the smile you give me. Touch me, lover. Touch my life.

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