tagErotic PoetryTranssexuals: The Better Choice

Transsexuals: The Better Choice

byCal Y. Pygia©

Transsexuals: The Better Choice

By Cal Y. Pygia

I’ve known many women, but I never knew bliss
Until I experienced my first transsexual’s kiss;
I had no idea what pleasure I’d missed
Until I sucked a shemale’s cute little penis.

Now, I am spoiled, and can’t enjoy anything less
Than ladyboy love, which is the best of the best.

Take a lesson from me, and be forewarned--
No genetic woman, regardless of how well adorned
Or beautiful she is, can compare to the loveliness
Of a gorgeous young transsexual miss!

Mothers, tell your daughters they can’t hope to compete;
Against transsexual ladies, they will meet defeat,
For, pleasant of face and form though they may be,
None can hope to rival the sweet ecstasy
That a shemale can engender within a male;
A woman’s sexual skills, next to a shemale’s, will pale,
And a man will seek comfort and love in a transsexual’s arms,
That he may embrace all of her transgendered charms.

Your daughters may become quite lovely, for women,
But none of them can hope to capture the hearts of men
Whom shemales have decided to date or to wed,
Because, after all, a woman is a woman, even in bed,
Whereas a transsexual blends feminine
Charms with the charms of the masculine
Sex, and no man, given the choice, will pass
The chance to have a cock, balls, tits, and an ass;
Besides, a transsexual can’t become pregnant with a child,
And there’s no need of a pill--whether the sex is mild or wild,
No sperm has ever spawned a baby in the ass or the mouth--
A shemale is safe from pregnancy, both “north” and “south.”

Fathers, tell your sons of the joy
That they can have with a pretty ladyboy;
With a shemale lover, they will not want
For anything, except a messy, wet cunt,
Which, once they’ve tried a firm, tight transsexual ass,
They’ll find both overrated and easily bypassed.

More and more, women will turn to each other
As men no longer take them as lovers;
It is better that they do, for they can never replace
The androgynous transsexual’s figure and face
With a body that lacks male genitals--
A cunt is all right, in its way, but it can’t rival balls
And a cock that can stiffen and swell, to spew jet
After jet of warm, white semen, sticky and wet,
Over the face and the form of the man whose own cock,
Just a moment before, filled her mouth (or her buttocks).

It is an unfair contest, the rivalry between women
And shemales, in which experienced men
Will choose the transsexual, it’s true,
Over any genetic woman any man ever knew.

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