tagErotic PoetryTriad-1/3: You Released Me

Triad-1/3: You Released Me


“I release you,” you said to me
and my heart died, flaming into
fiery, bleeding, tortured death.
But my sun glasses masked my pain.

“I am no longer your Master.”
My pulse stopped and color drained
from the brilliantly sunny day.
I looked past your shoulder and nodded.

“You’re no longer my submissive.”
The words bounced crazily through me,
in and out, in and out. Blazing
hurt threaded my whisper, ”As you wish.”

Your words tore and rent, and ground love
between them, beneath them, below them
like tight clamps around my nipples,
like a cane snap on my bare ass,
like deep endless drugging kisses,
like my tongue caressing your cock
while my finger slipped in and out
of you, for you, forever focused.

Tears gathered. Disconnectedly, I
turned away and, wraithlike, walked off
silently into my future,
uncollared for the first time in years.

But my soul screamed, enraged, in pain,
Why didn’t you have more faith in us?
How could you turn so easily
from the glory of what we were?

There was no answer, no soft words
murmured you to me. How, I cried
behind my sun glasses, could you
cripple us both so savagely?

Who has ever known you as deeply?
Endlessly, we explored. Sharing
hearts, brains, sexuality.
We talked, we laughed, we dreamed together.
Forever linked, heart to heart, we said.
All so intense… and now, discarded.
Oh my Master, how badly you
failed us both when you released me.

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