tagErotic PoetryTrue Alpha Mates

True Alpha Mates


The Alpha Female hunts her prey
He is not too far away from her sights...
She will conquor and she will wait...
And when he is close enough, she will take.

What she does not realize, is that he stalks the hunter as well
Not giving her any hint of his intentions.
He pretends interest in another female of inferior nature
Who offers herself to the alpha so readily
But that in which is easily attained, does not remain in favor
A true Alpha Male will only truly desire the Alpha Female..
He will desire, want, or demand no less than his equivalent
Equal strengths, passions, fire, intelligence, are what is needed to create
That a weak and strong blend can never hope to emulate.

The Alpha female waits, for she knows her worth...
Knowing the Alpha merely toys with the other female,
Who lays and spreads herself for him too easily.
A wolfish grin appears upon her beautiful face,
As she watches the Alpha's half hearted attempt to play
With the lesser female, who tries desperately to keep his interest.
The Alpha female shakes her head, for she knows no one is truly better
But only different...yet she knows her power and strengths.
She watches to see if the Alpha male will pass the test of nature....
If he chooses the easy female, he will fail.....
If he tires of her and prefers his equal,he will pass.

The Alpha female turns away into the night,
And begins to glide toward her home,
Allowing what may happen....to happen.
She only has control of her own self, for no one owns her,
As any woman with pride shall be.
And if this male she has chosen is meant to be hers..she will see.

Suddenly, standing in front of her,
Is the Alpha male, strong, dark, proud and fierce.
He swiftly pounces on her, pinning her to the cold earth
His midnight eyes staring into her emerald ones,
Before his dark head lowers towards her,and captures her lips in a fierce kiss
Her long nails run down his back, marking him as her mate
Even as his sharp fangs sink into her delicate neck in a claiming pierce.
The True Alpha Male and True Alpha Female have embraced their fate.

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