tagErotic Poetry'Twas The Night Before Litmas

'Twas The Night Before Litmas


This poem was originally posted on the General Bulletin Board just before New Year's Eve. On the advice of a couple of board members, I have made some minor changes to the poem and am now posting it here, where it will have a permanent home.

I humbly dedicate this poem to Laurel, Manu and the members of the Lit BB that have given me so much pleasure over the last eight months, and especially my good buddies and fellow charter RDTA (Recommended Daily Titty Allowance) members: Whispersecret and Dr. Oliver Clozoff.

* * * * *

'Twas the night before Litmas and on the board whole,
Not a member was stirring, not even a troll.

The posts were all stored on the hard drive with care,
In hopes that the New Year would find them still there.

Dr. Clozoff and I were both snug in our socks,
With boobs on our brains and our hands on our cocks

And no, lest you think we two are quite gay,
We were met in the hope of some RDTA.

We were doing our best to hold back and not splatter,
When the screen opened up on a new post that mattered.

I clicked on the window; my fingers were fit,
My dick primed and ready for the sight of some tit

The flash of a breast caused my organ to throb,
Ollie whistled and winked as he fingered his knob.

When in front of our eyes, the most wonderful set,
Waved the boobs of our pal, sweet Whispersecret.

The sight of her orbs with her nips high and hard,
Caused both Ollie and me to shoot off our wad.

But this was no ordinary night, it would seem,
For our silos they quickly reloaded with cream.

And Whisper, she glistened and twinkled so merry,
Her love buds apoppin' like juicy bing cherries.

She said, "You've been good and deserve a nice treat,
So here are some friends to heat up your meat."

And what to our wondering eyes should arrive
But a host of board members, their beams set on high.

There were Ladies of Cream and Celestial Bodies
Rosebuds aplenty and Cheyenne - there's a hotty!

There were Angels and Lions all luscious with fur
Latinas so lovely and Kittens that purred.

Endlessly forward they marched, smart and sassy
Some buxom and full, some Bonnie Wee Lassies.

Killer Muffins so melty with buttery fixins'
Ginger's ripe melons and cup cakes of Vixen

More rapid than rabbits, these titties they came
And Whisper, she whistled and called them by name,

"Now Cheri! Now, Shila! Now, Eve, StormyStarr!
On Merelan, on Hecate, on Jade, Alyrahh!

Don't let it be said that the women of Lit
Are shy or demure about showing some tit."

Still on they paraded with boobies so Brazen
My fingers had cramps from the trail they were Blazin'.

Never sought not to bore in her style Jabberwocky,
Less meaning - not more, and she didn't do cocky.

April's pert blossoms lent the promise of spring
Southern's grin Simply said, "How's every little old thing?"

Contessas and Goddesses all Naudiz and nice
Isabella's French tarts were dripping with spice.

The Queen ruled with a rack of impeccable taste
From down under, Nicole sent twin lovelies to baste.

As operas go, this one tended toward comedy,
It might not be Wagner, but we did have a Val-Kyrie.

A SeXy young ReDHeD hummed Melody Lane,
While Teresa was Fannin' herself with their flame.

Sally the Mustang showed off, bright and randy
And "sex" was the word for our Lil' Miss Brandi.

These were Beauties with Brains and Hunnies so Naked.
Our Passionnee flowed; there was no need to fake it.

We'd gotten our wishes, our wants and desserts.
The problem was, well, it was starting to hurt.

When La Siren showed up (with a Wolf at her cunny),
My hands had gone numb and my cock, it felt funny.

Ollie, my friend, I could see fared no better,
His noodle was limp, his snake in its sweater.

When suddenly, a flash! So lively and quick.
I knew in a moment it must be fresh dick!

Expertise, in red serge, led the way, firm and steady,
His tunic was open, his gun at the ready.

As hard cocks that before the wild mammaries blow
When met with hot friction, let loose their flow

So, forward they came, these stout men of Lit
With their dicks full of cum, and their hands full of spit.

Manu was in charge, though he lacked any fervor,
His job was support, to look after the server.

As I drew back my mouse to click on the next screen
The rest of the crew clambered onto the scene.

There were Skibum, and Xander, all skin and no fatty.
Golden stood proudly and Chucked his Mackdaddy.

Blue tugged his Flamingo; Sparky toyed with his rifle,
Weird Harold, the old fart, was collecting an eyeful.

As Bobtoad stared on with his eyes wide and glazy,
Wizzie let loose a blast that struck Purple Hazy.

Ambro and Nitelight dueled Tiggs with their posts.
Some threads were quite silly, of others, they'd boast.

Thumper was thumpin', as bunnies will do
Cheffie and Shy Guy were whipping up goo.

All beasty and Simian, Roger yanked on his monkey
He growled through his teeth and his stream was quite spunky.

From Hull and beyond, Carl boomed his nine-incher,
Samuari puffed his dragon, providing the clincher.

Thor gripped his stout Hammer and gave it a whirl,
He aimed for Blonde Beauty, but he nailed JCGirl.

These men were determined; their libidos were strong.
Merlin whipped up his Magic; Renegade manned his prong.

Some were chubby and plump; some were skinny and slight
But they all pulled their puds with the greatest of might.

A shadow appeared and consumed me with dread.
Whew! Only Slut Boy, panties draped on his head.

A skin flute salute came from Nobody Special.
He creamed his dear Wife in a way something bestial.

Objectively speaking, UncleBill had a point.
He pulled his own weight and he jerked his own joint.

InsideShiraz held a different worldview,
He searched for the meaning of Lumberjack foo.

Ezzy dreamed of his Becca and her btr teasins'.
CW and Bushy brought lemons for squeezin'.

Raven blew on his fingers and a burst of his foamy
Bequeathed a pearl necklace on Forgetunome.

Ollie was smiling; I shared his affection;
Heaven for us meant a full dairy section.

How tit-full the board! What a litany of wealth.
And how grateful we were it was good for our health.

The men were all spent, poor old Flagg had to sting.
Deborah's big dick left his ass in a sling.

And just when we thought no one else could redeem us,
Dixon cried, "Havoc!" as he whacked Lasher's penis.

And last but not least, on a frame so petite,
Laurel flashed her sweet tits, and our night was complete.

Then quick as a wink, Hullo Nurse! They were gone.
The night, moist and open, made way for the dawn.

But I saw Whisper smile as she faded from sight.
"Happy Litmas!" she cried, "and to all a wet night!"

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