tagNon-Erotic PoetryUnattainable II

Unattainable II


When you cross my mind
A shiver runs through me
I am drawn to you
Even though I know we can never be

I see your name
And my palms become sweaty
Feathers dance in my stomach
My heart pounds the rhythm of excitement

You are the unattainable
Everything I've ever dreamed
Everything I've ever wished
All my hopes and prayers answered

But I know I can not have you
So I shy away
Afraid to get closer
To find more to love

But I crave you so
Your attention
Your laughter
Your affection

Your voice touches me
Cradles my heart
Silences my doubts
Kills my fears

But you are unattainable
So all I can do
Is admire you from afar
And secretly love you

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