tagErotic PoetryUnder The Moonlight

Under The Moonlight


Soft silky kisses
A warm sultry breeze
Under the moonlight
A night made to please

His arms hold her tender
He kisses her cheek
Delights in her fragrance
So fragile and meek

His lips find her shoulder
Her neck and her ear
He whispers so softly
She has nothing to fear

She feels a slight shudder
That runs down her spine
His arms hold her closer
He whispers "You're mine"

Her dress leaves her shoulders
And falls to the floor
His hands start to wonder
A need to explore

His mouth stars to hunger
For the taste of her flesh
A soft moan escapes her
As his lips find her breast

She runs her warm fingers
Through his dark shining hair
As his mouth ventures lower
She’s guiding him there

His hands find her panties
All satin and lace
He slides them down slowly
In front of his face

He smells her sweet odor
His tongue finds her slit
All smooth and clean-
He seeks out her clit

He lays her down gently
And spreads her legs wide
Looks down on her beauty
Se has nothing to hide

His mouth is so hungry
For a taste of her cream
His tongue drives her crazy
She’s ready to scream

He sucks and he flickers
His tongue diving deep
She moans and she wiggles
Her pleasure he seeks

He laps at her juices
But he's greedy for more
Pushing in deeper
He seeks out her core

He senses her ready
And knows the right time
He rises above her
Her lips he does find

His cock finds her entrance
He pushes in deep
He fills her completely
In joy she does weep

So hard does he ride her
She cries out for more
They climax together
True lovers for sure

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