tagErotic PoetryUnder the table

Under the table


Under the Table

Sitting across from you
Toes in your crotch, no shoe
Massaging your cock with my feet
Warm and moist, I could feel the heat

Your cock is hardening and throbbing with delight
I look into your eyes, you try but can't fight
The feeling of excitement and intrigue
Wondering if this is out of your league

No you say and grab hold of my feet
You grind your hips as toes and cock meet
Your forehead now covered with little beads of sweat
Finger to my pussy, God, I am WET

I finger my pussy and beckon you near
To taste my nectar without any fear
My hand to your mouth, pussy delicious and sweet
Cock still probing, with toes again they meet

You gyrate your hips like you are fucking my pussy
The look on your face, makes me touch myself, makes me horny
I finger my pussy while you fuck at my feet
Trying with might to just be discreet

You move closer, now your cock grasped firmly by my hand
Excitement, and desire is more than you can stand
I jerk your cock from base to tip
Little bits of pre cum now begin to drip

I want to taste you, desire takes away all senses
Covering cock with a napkin, I start building fences
Quickly, head to cock I taste your delight
I come back up smiling, no fear no fright

It excites me, to show public displays of affection
As I hold and fondle and yearn to kiss your erection
I want that cock in my mouth, I can taste it
Here comes the waiter with our food...shit

I cover our cock with the tablecloth and my hand
Desire and need, are more than I can stand
Waiter departs, hand back on cock
Back and forth you begin to rock

Your fingers find my pussy, swollen, warm and wet
Stroking and fingering, just loving your pet
We lean forward and take each others lips
Publicly kissing, gyrating and moving our hips

I cum on your fingers, and softly start to moan
This is some shit, neither of us should condone
I pump your cock while trying to maintain my cool
Squeezing and caressing your sweet love tool

You grab my hand and tell me baby this is it
You cum on my hands, and softly say "oh shit"
Thank goodness for dark pants, short skirts and sandal
Desires contained, business handled

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