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sometimes, even words upon this page
May be unwrought, and dissipate with age,
As time undoes their meaning and their passion,
consigning them to but a passing fashion...

sometimes, love expressed begins to fade
in Time's inexorable, crushing promenade
as Best intentions stride, and walk away,
Stealing what those words once had to say...

Sometimes, really even though they're pure,
The words can lose their zest as they mature,
or other things move in, crowd out, replace
the passion with the normal, commonplace...

So when my words seem old to you, and tired,
Remember that my heart has been inspired,
And that my passion for you dear, was fired,
And lives within me, burning, unretired!

So go about your business, dear-- but please,
When cares subside, and you find yourself at ease,
Remember one whose love is unabated,
whose appetite for you was never sated,
who wishes for you only all the best,
and longs to kiss you, and suckle at your breast

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