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There you are...c'mere
I want to touch you
wrap my arms around you
suck the flavor out of your mouth

Mmmmm, I want to press close
and feel your hardness
reach down and touch you
rub you through your jeans

Then, yes, a slow unzip
warmth spilling out from you
into my waiting hands
as I nibble on your neck

Sliding down your chest
I bring you into my mouth
tasting your heated flesh
wrapping rose lips around you

No, don't move, baby
I know you want to
shhhh, you'll like it
just relax and enjoy

After holding you just inside
I take all of you deep
pulling on you with lips
lightly scraping with teeth

Sucking harder and faster now
my fingers digging into your ass
pulling you closer, deeper in
until I feel you in my throat

I swallow convulsively
trying to suck and breathe at the same time
as I massage your balls I feel you
the pressure building swiftly

I go crazy on your hard cock
sucking and slurping and licking
and when you tell me you're there
I take you to my throat again

Swallowing when you burst free
feeling you spurt down inside me
not letting you go until you're dry
then licking and kissing you hard again

So you can shove yourself inside
and take me on a wild adventure
fucking me long, short, soft and hard
in all ways uninhibitedly

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