tagNon-Erotic PoetryUntil we meet Again, My love (her)

Until we meet Again, My love (her)


"Oh my God! Please No!"
Laying her husband's head on her lap,
She held him close, as his life's blood dripped from him.
As she knelt on the pavement, their car totally crushed.
She heard the sirens nearing the scene of the accident,
Diana knew that it would be too late....
Her husband's limp body, lay against her.

She shivered softly, upon this ironically, sunny morning,
As though feeling a presence near her shoulder...
At that moment, her husband's beautiful blue eyes opened..
She began to cry once more, as his love for her, shone in their depths..
A single tear fell upon his face, landing upon his own single tear of pain,
Merging their life's essence for eternity, glistening with its clarity.
Suddenly her beloved whispered softly through blood cracked lips..
"My love, take care of our children, teach them about me...
Tell them everyday how much I love them...our son and daughter"..
Diana's dark green eyes widened with amazement at his words..
She was going to tell him they were to have a boy and a girl,
When she had the ultra sound results....but then the transport hit them..
And yet now he knew....

Diana suddenly felt his large warm hand upon her swollen abdomen..
"How...did you know were are going to have a boy and a girl?
I was going to tell you the good news, that we are not having just one, but two babies..
But then....we were hit...."
Her husband's beautiful eyes looked past her shoulder and nodded...
Diana turned slowly, and gasped in shock, as the spirit of her father-in-law stood beside her,
Smiling at her, her infused her in warmth and love...as his glow surrounded her for a moment..
But then dread overtook her, at the meaning of his presence,
As she felt her beloved husband's dimming essence...
"NO, please dont leave me!...I ...."
"Diana, I must...please...I wish to give you my last breath"..
Tears flowed freely down her beautiful face, as her shoulders slumped in defeat..
Knowing she was losing her husband today...
As he placed his hand on her abdomen, his handprint in blood, tattooed her abdomen..
And thus...with love for his children, touching his children's heartbeat...
He kissed his wife's tear stained lips with his own, their soft breaths mingling for eternity..
As he breathed his last...
Looking down at her husband, she watched as her father-in-law's spirit enfolded her husband's body.
She sat heartbroken but infused with love....
As her husband has passed...

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