tagNon-Erotic PoetryUntitled No. 2 to 10

Untitled No. 2 to 10


Untitled No. 2

Sometimes I think we're so afraid of falling in love
that we get stuck in ( - or are consumed by - ) our
own private little traps.

Someone asked me recently why I was attracted to you.
and honestly, I don't know. It's just this feeling I have inside.

Like a rose ready to blossom.

(c) April, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 3

ungodly obsessions,
whispered confessions.

a freakish warning
without desperation.

(c) June, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 4

there was a time when I wanted you...
...so much.

A time when I would have died for you,
but I now think you don't know what that's like...

...do you know what that's like?

(c) June, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 5


someone wanted you there
but it wasn't me

not anymore

steaming consciousness
extended beyond

(c) June, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 6

unaccustomed recognition
washes wounded lovers

(c) June, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 7

unaccustomed silence
completely promises
healing desire.

(c) June, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 8

Office space and long empty corridors.
Fluorescence humming from
the ceiling and the soft sound
of some news radio echoes out
from some empty cubicle.

With scraps of unwanted paper
littering the floor,
I leave this place once more.

I leave this place for the last time.

(c) June, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 9

Everyday my eyes open to the sight of dawn coming in through my window and my eyes sting like the memories that are embedded deep in the recesses of my mind.
Memories that fly across the synapses like lightening.

And the thunderstorm just won't stop as I remember the warmth of your tongue lapping against mine as we'd kiss on those hot Vancouver nights during the summer of '98.

And the passions still burn deep in my chest, rotting my soul as my eyes turn red from the tears that stain my face as I watch you fall in love with somebody else.

(c) July, 2000, Steven H. Lee

--- --- --- ---

Untitled No. 10

Desperation with deepened voices screaming.
Fevers rampant.
Makes you Crazy and tired and Crazy again.

Everything is not alright.
Running nowhere and everywhere at once.

the shadows dancing in the light with
desperation and deepened voices scratched,
frayed and dying from all the screaming.

(c) July, 2000, Steven H. Lee

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