tagErotic PoetryUntitled piece

Untitled piece

byVelvet Dreams©

The words come from your lips
You can tell the anticipation from my hips
Rocking, rocking some more
You little submissive whore
Your leather flies with ease
Your leather hits me where you please
Biting my lip as not to cry out
For taking the pain for you is what I am about
Harder, faster, meaner still
You have the control of my will
Body tenses with each lash on my flesh
A canvas for you all new and fresh
Trying to take as much as I can
Pushing my limits is your plan
My eyes filled with tears
My body projects all my fears
This lash sends the tears flowing
On my body not caring where they are going
You look at me so entirely spent
Your hand rubs where the leather went
The touch of your gentle hand hurts so bad
I do not remember how many I have had
Falling down to my knees
I know that I must please
Keeping my moans inside of me
You want them out, for me to be free
Grabbing me and pulling my hair
Arching my neck so I may get air
Moving around my body that is still
I hear, in your head, that sadistic wheel
Taking my hand you help me up
Placing at my lips a water cup.
“Drink to keep your mouth wet
For, we have just begun my pet”
Drinking like it is my last
Knowing you will release me from my past
Letting the liquid slide down
Your hand now stroking at my crown
I finish the water at last
Not realizing just how fast
Standing over me now you look so strong
Vanillas consider this wrong
Daring not to look on your eyes
You listen carefully for my cries
Not wanting to upset you
Doing what you tell me to do
Pushing me down to your cock
It is as solid as a rock
Open you say with such flair
Grabbing my tear soaked hair
My lips parted so sweet
When finally our bodies meet
Holding my head in your fingers
Letting your cock just linger
My mouth wet from each sliding pass
Your fingers work toward my ass
Your hips start to thrust
Making my desires change to lust
Feeling your cock throb
Knowing I am doing a good job
Deeper, deeper still you go
Hotter, wetter, my juices flow
My body language you know all to well
Your cock in my mouth begins to swell
Your fingers find my ass so tight
“Open” you say, “DO NOT FIGHT”
Entering my ass with one quick push
Send me on a natural rush
Thrusting deeper into me, holding my body so
Daring not to let go
I await your command
My body aching to cum from your cock and hand
Thrusting with both still
My cumming is at you will
Waiting to see how far I will hold
Bending me into your mold
Tears flow as my body fights
As my master you are always right
Knowing how far I can wait
“CUM, for your Master, pet” you open the gate
Body shaking, moans slowly escape
Your mouth placed at my nape
Biting as the first waves start
You can feel the pounding of my heart
You release your powerful grip
Out of my ass your fingers slip
Moving now to my pussy mound
Your hand moves my clit around
Slipping, sliding in my wetness yet
“You are making a fine pet”
Pleasing you as best as I should
Anything you ask, you know I would
Spreading my legs out wide
Leaving it all bear, nothing to hide
Kissing my body as you move to my pussy lips
Into the wetness your tongue slips
Deeper, deeper to drink
My pussy swollen and dark pink
Lapping until I squirm
Inching in like a worm
You move from what you are doing
With your hands I am moving
“On your knees” you are saying
With that tone I am behaving
Behind me now you slide between a leg
Telling me how you want me to beg
“Oh Master how I need your cock
You are my rock
Needing your control and power
Needing you more and more with each passing hour
Entering me with such great force
So hard I loose my voice
Stroking, pounding with such great pace
Slipping, slipping deeper into space
Floating higher still
Hearing your voice keeps it real
Whispers of how pleased you are
I dare not go too far
Listening for the words I need to hear
“Good Girl” fills my ear
Oh, how my body fills anew
With each kind word from you
My thoughts return to me
This is how
I want it to be.

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