tagErotic PoetryUnveiled Masquerade

Unveiled Masquerade

byCal Y. Pygia©

He wears both suit and veil,
Sits in an embroidered chair,
Jacket open to expose
Black-and-blue striped tie,
White shirt, and, below,
Stiff-standing cock and balls,
Prominent in the tight-drawn
Nether purse, his bag of jewels,
A riding crop dangling
From his hand.
He points at his erection,
And, yes, we voyeurs see it;
We see it all,
The suit and veil, the hard, stiff cock,
The youth naked but for high heels,
Standing with is back to us,
Upon a raised platform,
His buttocks tight,
His body smooth as appetite,
Sporting tiny woman’s breasts
And, in the mirror, we see,
A tiny cock and balls, penis erect.
He makes of his hands a mask,
To let us know it is all a masquerade.
We thank you, B. Montorgueil,
For the show before the show.

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