tagErotic PoetryUnveiling Maturity

Unveiling Maturity


Unveiling Maturity

With trembling hands and doubting fears,
Your fingers ease the buttons from their place.
And scooping hands from neck to waist
Reveal the hidden treasures I await.

I gaze and feast upon those private breasts
That long ago were hidden and concealed
As useless things. What interest could they hold
Or be enticing orbs of love perceived?

I close my eyes and touch those precious globes.
Desiring fingers trace two nipple paths.
And mouth and tongue reach forth with wanton glee
To taste the love and beauty freed at last

It is not wanton lust nor foolish teenage leers
That greet this private, joyous gift you give.
No , only two in love could feast like this
Fulfilling passions' dreams with sensuousness.

No more do you have need to lower head with shame
Nor hide your face with fear of ridicule.
The breasts are yours and You are mine alone
So we are one in one as always lovers should.

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