tagErotic PoetryUp in My Room

Up in My Room


Up in My Room
By PaintedPoppy

Stairs, two at a time
Lights off. I'm alone in the dark.
Wiggle out of tight tee
Shimmy out of jean shorts
Bra careens to the carpet
But the g-string stays.
I want to touch it.

Hand fumbles in bottom dresser drawer
Back left-hand side
Under mundane extra sheets
Where no one would look
My pink friend, my jelly cock

Slip between sheets of t-shirt material
Soft and warm against my nakedness
Fidget, settle into perfect position
Bare ass cheeks moving on cotton

My left hand is your hand tonight
Seeking the curves of my breast
It circles closer, travels inward
Nipples strain out, anticipating
But tonight, you are in my mind
And you will take your time.

Finally fingers engage their target
I respond with quickened breaths
In my imagination you tease me
Brush nipples so, so lightly
Then suddenly grasp between fingers and thumb

Rubbing, rolling, but then, once again
A whisper-soft touch
And without warning, a sharp pinch
As I imagine your teeth on me
My back arches into the pleasure-pain

Now my hands find their way lower
I crave a hesitant touch
As if my hand may be welcomed or rejected
Fingers take their time
Trace a path in the valley
Between smooth inner thigh and lacy triangle of panty

Tentative fluttery touches on the fabric
It has its intended effect
Swell of pressure, blood pumping, plumping
I need to feel it for myself
Panties pressed to one side
You're welcomed in—skin on skin

Fingers travel on cusps of lips
Playing up and down the hills
Suddenly, resistance is gone; they slip between
Almost accidentally, such is the wetness

Left hand finds breast again
I know it's you I really want
But reach for the substitution at my side
Sinking it slowly, wrapping lips around head
Its cool hard feel is worlds from you
But I'm thankful for something to surround

Silky slide in; I take its length
I am filled.
Expelling out with my muscles
Guiding in with my hand
Then it finds its magic place
Mere inches into my warm entrance.

Vibrating it; no batteries, though
My hand powers the motion
Every nerve end is wild, alive, dancing
But I play with the feeling, slowly savouring

Intensity building, I pull out slightly
But too late—tentative is out the window
Release is now what I crave

Tension, swelling within my soft walls
Now engorged with desire
You pulsate within me and need grows
And I rise until I'm there, the peak
I ride the sensation—blessed seconds of raw electricity
Then spasm after spasm from deep within
Not a clitoral orgasm, but a vaginal one

Relax, head back, soak up sensations
Fading now. I slide you out--
Pink jelly version of you, anyway--
Then remember, you dared me

Reach index finger down, submerge in my cream
Slowly, sensually apply to my lips
Like a woman putting on lipstick
in front of her lover.

I've tasted remnants before
But this is a first
Slippery, moisturizing, musky-sweet
It soaks into my skin

I reach for a second helping
Straight into my mouth and then
Back out, encircling finger tightly

Lips and mouth full of taste and scent
Of recently-peaked pussy
Only one thought I hold in my mind:
Wish I could visit you tomorrow
At work, just like this
For a quick yet full
Kiss on the lips at lunchtime.

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