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Up-Worshipping -Ra’s Elf.

Each cheek a heavily risen loaf above me,
impressively descending together as one
grand meal, to be secured there-under
my only earthly craving.

Her great and mysterious backside crease
doth hove its darkness wholly into view
and Her regal voice echoes down
likewise from far above.

I commit utterly to Her command
my palms spreading those loaves
as She backward spreads lower, onto
where my kisses await in all due hunger.

She has purged and rinsed and even
squeezed sweet honey’s thick dew up into Her
hindquarters’ trove and now it oozes out onto
my tongue, inviting me further to deep worship.

Pressed snugly upward against Her taut pucker,
testing and loosening Her bung with precisely
nimble thrusts, my tongue buries itself
repeatedly, plumbing Her rectal mysteries.

Wholly enveloped and willingly contained,
my face heated by Her cushions’ bliss,
I seek only to gain deepest ass entry
as Her guttural moanings urge me on.

Thence Her hips commence their intimate sway
back and forth upon my face, taking the tip
first up into Her bowels, then into Her cunt,
as the pendulum of Her lust rules my mouth.

With my nose up Her ass and my tongue
profoundly encunted, She pauses, Her spasms
and tremors squeezing forth copious flows
that drown my worship in aromatic waves.

I drink from my Queen, and Her laughter
rolls thru Her viscera, buffeting me raptly.
She quakes and clenches and rules my rue.
Deeper is all I know, all I ever need to know.


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