tagErotic PoetryUpon Black Satin

Upon Black Satin

byCandy Valentine©

Black stain sheets beneath your skin
as you lye there awaiting for the passion to begin
Your eyes gleam with heated fire
and your body burns with a flaming desire
My fingers slowly caress your face
down your neck, alongside your breast they trace
A touch to your lips with the tip of my tongue
this seduction my dear has just now begun
Pressing my manhood against you so
holding you close never wanting to let go
Your mouth takes mine with feverent need
devouring me with all your lustful greed
Moving away from the warmth of your kiss
as I continue to those parts I have lovingly missed

Candles burning along the wall
as the scent of magic comes to call
Your beauty is captured by the gleaming light
and my body reacts with pulsating delight
I kiss you breast, your stomach, your thigh
I know the need inside you is rising high
My tongue brushes across your heat
longing to taste the fruit & juice I've added within this treat
Your heart beats faster and the moaning starts
my flesh grows harder as your lips I part
Ravishing you with my fingers as well
making your clitoris twinge and swell

My eyes close and I start to feel the urge
to have my manhood completely emerged
Bryan Adams "Have you ever really loved a woman"
playing in the background as my shaft begins to lengthen
With each erotic rhythmic beat of the song
the need to have myself inside becomes very strong
Without me saying one single word
you listened to my body; it's desires you heard
Now it is I who lies against the Black satin sheet
as your mouth and my manhood finally meet
Your lips surround me with hot sensation
driving me wild with your tantalizing motivation
Not wanting no end this feeling that you've given
even though this power you have makes you driven

Slowly I bring you upon my chest
capture your face as your mouth I possess
Hungry for all you and I can create
contemplating the adventures that are soon to vibrate
I run my hands right down your spin
arching your back, so pleasing, so Devine
My fingers grasp onto your buttocks and you straddle me just right
as you eagerly move forward and openly invite
With ease and delight my manhood enters you
the chills run down my body as you move the way you do
Grinding your pelvis to and fro, not much longer can I with hold
I can feel myself wanting to explode
I look into your eyes, as your climax is reached
together we shutter as our orgasm is breached

Silently we collapse within this mystical haze
taking a deep breathe fully amazed
Fulfilled to the core
But always lusting for more
We'll rest for a little while
Then I'll begin again starting with your smile..

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