tagErotic PoetryUpon The Winds Of Time

Upon The Winds Of Time


Upon the winds of time
I feel your energy all around me
Calling out to me so pleadingly.
Even though we might not live near
To each other for now, I hold you dear
To my heart and my soul.
I need to reach you, to capture your essence; that is my goal.
We have been together before; our eternal merging sublime.

Our hearts know no distance
When we love another soul so deeply.
We have always overcome any given circumstance
Thrown our way, rising above hardships to reunite for eternity.

I have seen you in my dreams
Over and over
It feels so real to me, it seems.
When you hold me in your strong arms like a gentle lover
That I have come to know and adore.
Upon the winds of time, it shall be
As it always has before.
When we merge as one once again so lovingly.

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