tagErotic PoetryVacation Time

Vacation Time

bySA Storm©

about you and I
lying against one another
head to chest eyes closed
hand at rest on the curve of your hip

tracing paths better suited for tongue and taste
breadcrumbs of salvia evaporating cool
small of your back I wander the space of pleasures
while you tense rhythmically in relaxed anticipation

fingers rest at your openings
euphoric on their way inside your body
the contrasts of flesh
moist heat and wet warmth
I am caressed and strangled by your pleasure

you ask which I prefer
in an odd moment of insecurity
I ponder sacred spaces open to me
forever content in your body
where you will have me
yet I do have a home

you want to be more than parking spaces
I laugh kissing your smooth mound
and trace home sweet home
across the point of your passion

silent acknowledgement as you turn
hips to my groin
mouthing the words into my hand
vacation time

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