tagErotic PoetryValentine Day Dreams

Valentine Day Dreams


i find my lips have dreamed of you
at night without consent
each one alive with fantasies
of nights in pleasure spent

and while i sit and listen close
they speak of luscious sin
and thoughts of you, like bees do swarm,
my mind begins to swim

they speak of things they long to taste
whilst sliding over you
of hips, and thighs, and dancing eyes
i blush, and dream them too

with eyes closed shut, i listen then,
until i'm shocked to find
a second voice i seem to hear
my hands would speak their mind

two voices then, do speak to me
of things they yearn to touch
your hair, your neck, your lips and mouth
these voices are too much!

i beg them, please, do take your time
no need to shout things out
speak softly, sweetly, tell me true
what do you dream about?

each fingertip then slows and sways
and sings of dancing there
upon your skin, upon your neck
entangled in your hair

in time they, as a chorus, sound
each hand a grasping choir
singing songs of lusty pleasure
the sounds of sweet desire

each fingertip calls out a need
to dance upon your form
while lips still sing of sliding down
to taste forbidden charms

in desperation i do speak
and beg them, for to tell
of ways to make you love me true
and how to love you well

and slow, as if reluctant to
each part of me, it seems
agrees to tell me everything
they see within this dream

and in my mind i see you there
the woman i desire
so heavenly you seem to be
aglow in passion's fire

and so began this fantasy
my body makes of you
as lips part ways and start to speak
of things they ought to do

from ear to neck to tender mouth
my lips do weave a trail
of whispered love soaked fantasies
a blushing crimson tale

they bring me close and warm to you
and bid me join our lips
and let love through our mingled breath
so softly slide and slip

of lips, oh lips, so softly joined
between us, you and i
sweet slow, and moist, and delicate
so tender to my eye

while watching this i call to them
please tell me be this true
for if this is but fantasy
how sweet the taste of you

and slowly, as if to a child
my lips do reassure
that though this be but fantasy
my love for you is pure

and if i but do listen close
remembering this night
perhaps i'll find my fantasy
come true with morning's light

and with these words they turn from me
returning to your lips
with my body's softly yearning
into your arms i slip

perhaps i should take time to speak
of what went on that night
of kisses hard and skin so soft
and how it felt so right

but thoughts of something i should say
come softly to my mind
of love and simple fantasy
and how they both combine

i fear the lady of this dream
shall read these words one day
and think me pitiful and weak
for things i could not say

but hidden love is love still true
although they have no voice
so hidden here in dancing words
i'm able to rejoice

i love this girl, this woman bright
with all my childish heart
perhaps one day she'll read these words
which come from in my heart

for words like this are all i have
i hide them in this form
too shy to simply speak them out
my face it grows too warm

i love her, love her, love her true
it laughs from off my lips
i'm giddy from the thought of it
from hair to fingertips

her lips, her eyes, each part i love
her body and her smile
her golden skin and all within
her beauty and her guile

the words i have, they seem to fail
the way i feel today
for i am loved from loving her
my heart is light and gay

so now i find i've spoke my mind
i've told to you my heart
so back to fantasies return
and voices of my parts

my lips chastise for having doubts
and pausing for a while
they slide back down to her soft mouth
so soft and in a smile

with dreaming eyes and pouding heart
i slide down to her breasts
each one so soft and perfect round
upon them i do rest

i do not know how long i stayed
and cried upon her there
my kisses mix with salty tears
i laid myself so bare

in dreams she turns and calls to me
it whispers in my ear
with angel's grace she calls to me
and washes clean my fear

and in my dream i clearly see
this woman's love for me
is every way as real as mine
for we are meant to be

so, skin on skin i cling to her
not knowing what to do
and she, my love, she sings to me
of love, perfect and true

and slowly as a waking dream
you in the morning find
was not a dream at all, but true
she washes clean my mind

with trembling heart, i feel her then
she takes ahold of me
and i begin to lose my grasp
on what is fantasy

i'm lost in passion's true embrace
as bodies slow combine
i fight that this is but a dream
i fear i've lost my mind

together then, as passion builds
i cry out as i see
i waken in my bed alone
my love is not with me

so real the dream, the fantasy
my body did reveal
perhaps one day i may conspire
my true love, for to steal

so i sit here, in tangled sheets
and try to write this down
that love is wet, and strong, and deep
and in it i would drown

these words are now my valentine
and with them i now start
to try and tell my love somehow
that she has won my heart


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