tagErotic PoetryVamp Lover (Part 1)

Vamp Lover (Part 1)

byEmber Faye©

She moved slowly across the room
She had the most beautiful eyes
Her gaze was unfaltering
Her skin was of the most silkiest white
Fair, pale, but a beautiful pale
Her lips were the color of pale blood
Which made me want her even more
Her hair was of the deepest black
Which accented her paleness

She smiled at me
Only a small one
Enough though, to let me see her fangs
Her eyes seemed so hypnotizing
She had me in a trance
She knew that she had me
She knew that I was for her to command
She cam closer to the bed
Her lovely hands reaching out for me

As she placed one hand on my shoulder
The other went up to my hair
As she ran her long fingers through my hair
She leaned forward and placed her lips to mine
Her other hand had been busy
Shedding my robe from my already warm body
Once free of clothing
Her hand reached for my breast
Her tongue was so warm
Her lips soft
I let out a soft moan
As she lightly bit my nipple

She was slow and caring
As she worked her way down my body
I had to keep from screaming
From all the pleasure that she was giving
I wanted to push her down to my already moist spot
But I did not rush her
For I knew that it wouldn't last much longer
She finally reached my other lips
Her tongue lightly dashed across them
And then darted deep inside me

I could not hold out any longer
I rolled her over
Wanting so bad to taste her
She did not stop me
I tried not to rush
But she was so overwhelming

My hands ran all over her body
Feeling every curve
I found her breast
And pinched lightly
She let out a moan
And told me to keep going
I complied
Not wasting any time
I kissed down to her own wet spot
Teasingly kissing and licking at her
She put her hand on my head
And lightly pulled at my long hair
My tongue ran along her soft lips
I couldn't keep from her juices any longer
I slowly penatrated her with my tongue
Trying with all my might to get every last drop

She told me to turn around
So that she could taste me once again also
I did as she said
Wanting to feel her mouth on me
More than anything else
She started to moan louder
And I felt myself getting closer
To where she wanted to be
She whispered to me that it was almost time
I only moan louder
Knowing what was to come
We exploded in unison
Grabing each other harder
Riding the waves
Not wanting to let go

Finally, once done
She grabbed for me to come back up to where she was
Our lips reached for each other
Our tongues clashed
Tasting one another
She told me it was time
And I only nodded my head
Not wanting to ever let go
She gave me a kiss
And then I turned my head
I felt a sharp pain
But the pain was good for me
I moaned with pleasure
Almost having another orgasm
I felt my own hot juice
Running down my neck
But she quickly licked it up
And then it was there no longer

She licked and sucked
For quite some time
I only moaned
And then finally did have another orgasm
She finished her feeding
Then gave me a kiss
She told me once again
How soon she would let me do the same
And then I would be with her always
But then she got up and dressed
Giving me one final kiss
And then walked away

This is how it always is
She loves me
I love her
She feeds
Tells me her love for me
Then turns and walks aways

It's always the same
Every night
I fall more in love with her
Ever time
But then I wake up
And I wonder to myself
"Was it just a dream?"

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