tagErotic PoetryVamp Lover (Part II)

Vamp Lover (Part II)

byEmber Faye©

She is such a beauty
I love the way her blonde hair
Cascades down her tan body
Her deep blue eyes are innocent and penetrating
Her body is lovely and well formed
I picked her partly for her beauty
Thinking it would be a waste
To see something so lovely
Wither away and die

She knows who I am
What I am
She loves me
And pledges her undying love for me

I go to her at night
When the moon is full
And the stars are bright
Knowing she will not resist me

She spreads her body out for me
On her wide and inviting bed
Wearing only a shear white robe
So that I might see every curve of her body
I discard my own black robe
And walk over to where she lies
I bend down over her
Taking her face in my hands
Giving her deep, long kisses
She moans at my touch
And darts her tongue across my lips
Then into my mouth

I tell her to stand
She does as I say
I hypnotize her with my eyes
And she immediately discards her robe
She's shaking lightly, waiting for me
To touch her
I let her stand there for a while longer
Under the gaze of my eyes
Then I go to her
Placing a hand in her hair
And the other on her breast

She bites her lip, holding back a moan
I kiss her full lips
Then work my way down to her breast
I suck on her nipples
And she places her hands on my head
I work my way down farther
Wanting to taste her juices
She moans with delight
I in turn moan
When I taste her sweetness

She can no longer hold out
She tells me that she wants me
That she must please me
I stand up and lead her to the bed
I pull her down on top of me
And kiss her as our moist spots grind together

She goes down on me at once
Not wasting any time
She is excited and so full of energy
She is lovely, she is everything
I moan at her touch
Her tongue darts and dashes all over my body
Giving me chills of pleasure
Then her tongue is deep inside
Where it's hot and wet
Licking up all of the juices

I make her turn so that I may taste her
While she can still taste me
She does so willingly
The room is then filled with our moans of passion

She is so wonderful
So lively, so sweet
I feel myself getting close
To the explosion I love
And she moans she is almost there also
I grab onto her tightly
She returns the gesture
Then we are riding the waves
Of our orgasm
I suck at her and drink every last drop
While she does the same to me

I pull her gently up to me
Kissing and holding her for awhile
She asks me if tonight is the night
I say, "Not tonight my sweet. But soon, you shall truly be mine, and we will be together forever."
She looks a little sad
But knows it must be this way
I hold her for a while longer
Then kiss her and tell her I must leave
She nods her head, knowing dawn is on it's way
And I am only a night creature

I get up from the bed
And put my robe back on
I slip out the window and into the shadows
Knowing she is on her bed
With tears in her eyes
But knowing I will see her again
And she will one day
Be with me forever

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