tagErotic PoetryVampire's Kiss

Vampire's Kiss


“Touch not my face”
He slapped my hand away
“It is cold gentle girl
Remember it that way”

“Remember I am death
And it courses in my veins
And I will take you with me
If you should touch me again”

So I reached my hand
And brushed his marble cheek
No longer the child
No longer the meek

His silken voice
Setting fire to my skin
Making me desire
Everything in him

I watched his mouth
How it twisted to a smile
The laugh that erupted
Making him seem so vile

Yet I kept my hand
Poised there on his face
Against the cold flesh
And my heart began to race

Would he kiss me?
Would he take me away?
Would he make me his mistress?
And would I obey?

His hand took hold of mine
And in a single flash
He took my wrist to his mouth
And made a tiny gash

The blood began to flow
Between his frozen lips
And he drank of me
In long droughts rather than sips

I cried out at the ecstasy
I cried out at the pain
I looked about for help
But no one else remained

It was me and the vampire
On that Halloween Night
I was too drunk to think about it
I was too drunk to fight

I struggled against him
Locked in his embrace
He drank from my wrist
That face I can’t erase

“So now you believe me?”
He chuckled at my tears
“And you cannot escape”
Voicing my fears

“Give me what I came for”
He snickered and snarled
His wicked fingers trembling
Seeming twisted and gnarled

He fumbled with the fabric
Of my elaborate dress
Each button undone
A new level of distress

“Let me go,” I cried
“I will not tell.”
And with a snap
My little dress fell

Forming a puddle
Laying at my feet
I gasped at the cold
On that deserted street

The red on my wrist
A pinprick of pain
The hair on my head
And my corset remained

He smiled and kissed me
His lips warmed from my blood
“You know you want me”
And I knew I was judged

For I could not deny
The tingling down below
How could I be so vile
So base, so low?

How could I feel desire
for this creature in my midst?
His hands danced over my body
And groped at my breasts

I felt my stays loosening
On the corset above
And the thought came to my mind
This was lust not love

Till finally my breasts
Were at last released
Bouncing from their confines
Into the hands of this beast

He rubbed them all over
And then took them in his mouth
His tongue like a snake
Darting in and out

My soft pink nipples
Coming to a stand
All from the ministrations
Of his tongue and hand

I cried out, “Please stop.”
But his mouth traveled down
Over my stomach
Until at last he had found

The place of desire
Under my curls
My body was open
Unfettered, unfurled

He suckled my clit
And he took that tongue
Running it over my slit
Until I did cum

My body writhed
Under his touch
I was frightened, excited
Wanting him much

He stood up before me
And lifted me up
Pressing me against the wall
My buttocks he cupped

And then I felt his hardness
Pressing to get in
And I felt I had only but desire
This simple little whim

He slid into my wetness
He slid in to my cunt
Sliding in and out
Calling me his slut

His teeth pierced my throat
And the drum began to beat
As his body pounded mine
In that deserted street

I felt the blood flowing
And the heat arise
The tingling in my groin
That spread over my thighs

In and out
He drove me insane
The combination of pleasure
Mixed with the pain

In and out
He had me against the wall
Wishing I knew his name
So I had someone to call

To thank for this pleasure
This divine ecstasy
As his body rammed into mine
And he planted his seed

I felt him cumming
Deep inside of me
The vampire made me over
And made me complete

His mistress I was
And will forever be
For he is my lover
And I have this need

To meet him on the dark alley
All on a deserted street
On Halloween Night
On All Hallows Eve

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