tagNon-Erotic PoetryVanish Into The Oncoming Storm

Vanish Into The Oncoming Storm


The storm is on the horizon
It's going to be hard to find a way out
The clouds are billowing in
Bringing with them fear and doubt

Lightening strikes across the sky
Wrecking havoc upon our souls
The rain is pelting down
It's slowly taking its tole

Thunder resounds across the miles
Rattling fear from its cage
Bloodlust echoes in the sky
Igniting our deepest rage

Black hearts now reign
Darkness rules the day
Lost in endless sacrifice
Evil fights to stay

The world spins in blood
The strings of conscience cut
Shattered by the sun's light
It incinerates our guts

We are lost in this prison
The one of our own design
Forgotten steps seal our fate
The lies seem so benign

Existence brings pain and loss
The end is drawing near
Our convictions are left behind
Misery is now here

Do we battle on in sorrow
No surrender to be found
Buried in the shadows
In torture to be bound

The damage has been done
This marks the end of innocence
Blood runs cold in this cursed day
The fallen are lost in suspense

Collision is our calamity
As darkness settles in
Delivered straight to hell
This is where we've always been

The silence here is deafening
It consumes us in its lies
Repulsed by all we've stood for
Lost within the world's cries

This storm is a war that rages
A crusade never ending
Laying our vengeance down
To the grave our best we are sending

Blood spills from the sky
Our breath ticks towards torment
Time stalks us to our graves
A waste of all that is spent

Our pain is the pulse of the world
Our fragile souls drown in this place
Anger is our last bitter breath
Anguish written on our face

Trapped within our living nightmare
Doom preys upon the weak
The good collapse in suicide
Devastation eats the meek

Consumed in our intoxication
Trying to escape our fate
Smothered by our life
Condemned now, death too late

This is our everlasting fall
The parade of evil continues on
Living and dying a thousand times
Our suffering our immortal song

We battle against the winds
We struggle against the rain
We concede to our loss
We surrender to our pain

We lived in denial
Accepting every lie we were told
The lines were blurred for too long
We saw no harm when our souls were sold

This is the hour of chaos
We give into evil's seductive form
Under the hand of damnation
We vanish into the oncoming storm

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