tagNon-Erotic PoetryVenom Tooth Elixir

Venom Tooth Elixir


Through dark escape,
the chain bound round my neck was broken.
On hobled wobled feet,
I paced the distance between my life and home.
To find my salvation much abused,
and let for dead; lost and used.

"They took her from me." I'll cry to heaven.
"Took her from my lonely heart."
Alas the courts did not listen.
Nor did they weep for the lives of my
offspring duo.
Their lives laid waisted by cruel and hateful
power of pale skinned pride.

My dark skinned wife,
her life was painted black the night they chose
to take her away.

My gold fleshed children,
their lives were tainted filth by the might they
used to take them away.

"will no one help me?" I cried on high.
The officials did deny.
No help but that my very hand to take on high.

Mix and shake,
boil and toil,
the vengance of mine shall awake.
Awake upon the horrid hands of those who made the
great mistake.
My vengance shall make guilty hearts shed tears
too late.

The change came over,
as serpent fangs took over.
The blood of many venom toothed reptiles,
in my blood did they mix.
I'll give my hate upon those haters,
who's banners call for hating members galore.
Their symbols shatter the silence
and break the hopeful hearts will cruel
intentions made.

Now my own intentions
cruel and horrid,
they shall take shape,
for I am Serpentsortia,
the great and evil,
dreadful snake.
I'll sink my fangs into their veins.

With unholy blood I'll make them pay.
Pay tribute to my darlings gone.
I'll reap their sorrow,
and feed upon their cries,
begging mercy before they die.
I am Serpentsortia.

With inhuman strength,
and demon speed,
inhumane deeds will be thrust upon their greedy
I am Serpentsortia,
my will be naught of kindly deeds.

Through death I'll find my shadow,
weeping in the dark.

I am Serpentsortia,
now vengance weeds my need.
My blackened soul is feeding me.
I am Serpentsortia.

Morgan Valmont, Dr. Val,
no longer sleeping,
but dead to all.
He is I,
and I am Serpentsortia.

"Venom Tooth Elixir"(The Balled of Serpentsortia)
Happy New Years!!

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