tagNon-Erotic PoetryVisions Of The Black Stallion

Visions Of The Black Stallion


My long dark auburn hair spread out across my pillow,
Black, thick lashes lowered in slumber,
My eyes and body rests
Yet my mind is caught up in a dream,
Flashes of images and messages swirl and surround me
So completely...
When I wake, I struggle hard to find out what it all means.

I see him so clearly,
Wanting to reach out and touch him...
He is so beautiful...so magnificent and wild.
The black stallion faces me, throwing his great head back majestically,
He blows softly through his nose as he gazes intently at me.

My trembling hand reaches out to him,
Wanting to know what his soft brown eyes are trying to tell me.
My mind whispers to his, begging him to tell me, what he has come here for
But the proud stallion just continues to stare at me, his wild mane
Flying around him, in a wild ebony silk banner.

Blessing my unaturally good memory for events,
Flashes come to me from a time past,
When this black stallion has visited my dreams before,
But at the time, he belonged to another....
The nobleman that saved my life just in the nick of time,
Before I was to be ravished by a murderer.
Placing me before him, upon his black stallion,
But after that night,
I never seen the noble knight again
Yet not before being certain I was alright.

I drift back to the present,
As I stand before you, in my dream
Looking into those soft brown eyes,
Regarding me with purpose yet tenderness.
I whisper to you:
"Stallion, what do you wish of me?"
But you toss your majestic head again,
And begin to walk away from me,
With parting words upon my mind:
"I will come to you again, Monique..."
My heart drops, as I feel the emptiness
When you disappear into the darkened mist,
I drop to my knees, my cloak swirling around me
A single tear falls in my open palm,
As I feel a sense of panic,
When I can no longer sense you..
I look in the center of my palm, as the tear turns into a diamond
I will think of you, when I look upon it,
To always be reminded.
I awaken a moment later from the ethereal abyss.
Looking down at my hand with blinking eyes,
I gaze upon the ring on my finger,
Memories of you, shall forever linger.

Note: This poem is special to me, because I did in fact dream of a black stallion twice so far, and the dreams are very strong and potent, lingering even after I awaken. Perhaps my grandmother's gifts in me, are still developing in me, I shall welcome them. Some may think this is crazy, but if you knew the gifts my brother and I have, from my grandmother, you'd understand. I dont write this to prove anything to anyone, but sharing a part of me.

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