tagNon-Erotic PoetryWaiting was Worth ...

Waiting was Worth ...


Everything in the world
Is a little brighter
I can't help but smile
More than I ever did before.

Your eyes
Glowing with
Laughter and love
I am so in love with you.

All that time, all the doubts
Simply erased by the touch of your hands on me
By the feel of your lips
Against me, against mine
By the way you say my name and how I say yours
By the songs we sing together
And our soft silences.

Watching you
As you play your guitar for me
As we fall asleep
Always touching
The mischief and contentment
On your face reflecting the same in mine.

The nearness of you at night
Holding me close
Keeps me feeling close to you
Even when we are apart
The warmth in my heart
And all over my body
Because of you.

Waiting was worth ...

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