byJames Cody©

I want the crowd around me to bleed away,
I want the wind to blow my scent your way,

eyes spy in my direction
retreat away in desperate introspection

I want your reflection in the window to whisper my name,
I want to see your flesh unbound by sadness or shame,

trickling insect across naked neck
scamper away to a safer deck

I want your eyes to ignore your present,
I want your hands to sweat as you think me sweetly indecent,

arms to shoulder and wall to squall
the human forest grows forever tall

I want the woman you were always meant to be,
I want your wanton heart and core to throb for me,

there is time in time but never enough lime
shattered flesh and soft glass commit the crime

I want the eyes that have locked on to mine to continue their inquisitive shine,
I want the slow pace of your walk to shatter the horded line,

the frozen heart will rattle the nuts and bolts
around the heartening smell of ended colts

I wants space between us to be a sigh,
I want you to desire me even if it's a lie,

proximity alert proximity alert proximity alert
to flee or to flirt or sweat my shirt

I want the lips against my cheek to linger and wander,
I want the voices to stop and admire your splendour,

eyes erratic between sight and breast
but exposed souls and thoughts are best

I want to wipe the table clean of useless apparel,
I want us to crash on it like sensual shrapnel,

my eyes she knows what's going on down low
her eyes they glow and show but what do I know

I want to take you secretly or openly,
I want the mist of our come to rain on permanently,

touching hands and claimed sands
drinks aside and awakened glands

I want this stranger who is leading me through the crowd,
I want the desire that burns around us like a smoldering shroud,

triggered flow as hands peel and fingers seek
a giggle a moan and knees that grow week

I want the stall we stole to be a haven of fuck,
I want the crowd to hear and envy our luck,

barriers push aside and penetrations follow
whatever the destination something will swallow

I want this mouth to speak the language of lust,
I want my cock to be lost in her erotic cusp,

flesh tingling with orgasmic thunder
offered now is the orifice of sure fuck and plunder

I want thoughts and dreams to mingle with her moans and screams,
I want the pounding as she rides my flesh to fill her with my soul's creams,

squishy mellow mingle of wet gushes
rivers empty and the voice hushes

I want the lips that touch mine to to be charged with sensual theft,
I want the heart that beats restlessly to devour me and carry away what's left,

one sigh two cries and a lingering plot
pleasure used up in one generous shot

I want her to walk away and forget the truth of me,
I want her to remember the bliss to which I was key,

eyes away so ready for the next chapter's play
sundered passion leaves a path to another day

I want to rest a little while before I face the horde,
I want ...

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