tagErotic PoetryWarrior's Heart

Warrior's Heart



Battle won.
     The warrior stands, blood soaked ground,
sword in hand.
     The steanch of death, and wounded lie,
his ears are closed to moans and cries.
     His eyes are cold, his breathing fast,
how long will this curseded passion last?
     His heart is hard, scared and torn,
void of love, filled with scorn.
     He turns to walk from this field of death,
wanting to give his soul its rest.

But Death won't let him walk away, without
     this warning for him this day.
"Warrior, hear my words and heed,
     their's one who waits, to fill your need."
One who sleeps and knows your quest,
     holds the key to eternal rest."
"Death, why taunt me, I've fed your need
     look on ground and at my feet.
You test my will, you test my strength,
     you wait for me to have your feast!
And here I stand.....!
     Without defeat!"

"Yes, my warrior this may be true, but its
     your soul, I want and payments due.
Go to the sea, hurry now,she lies
     beneath a misty shroud."
The warrior stood and all was calm.
     The challenage given, placed in palm.
He picked up sheild and blooded sword.
     Then rode off to the misty shore.
To laugh at Death, his warning....
     he'd ignore....!

But what is this that lies ahead?
     "This the Goddess, that I should dread?"
He walked to her, with sword and sheild.
     Came to battle, came to kill, approaching her;
his fate was sealed.

She sleeps on shadows, without a care.
     He wondered, does she know I'm here.
Her beauty, shown through moonlight glow.
     Her breathing matched the tides...
to and fro........
     Her breast were full and nipples raised.
He couldn't turn his wanting gaze.
     But confusion in his mind did rule.
Has Death played him, again the fool.

What did he know,  such as this
     when     death and war gave his soul its bliss.
Shall he kill her, here in sleep,
     will that give him what he came to reap?
His hand moved slow and stroked her arm,
     so soomth and soft, this he shall not harm.
Movin' closer to her breast, watching to not disturb
     her rest.
He cupped it gently, felt its weight,
     soft and firm, his natural thirst shall wait.
Put down his sword, armor off,
     his  cold heart was turning soft.

Standing now and armor at her feet,
     he opened soul for her to seek.
How should he wake this prize he has,
     with gentle kisses on nipples standing high.
His thoughts brought blood to manhood strong
     hard and thick, as a short sword long.
Throbbing like his mind at war, sweating pouring
     like never before.
Cool breeze blowing across her form,
     brings the scent that over whelms,
him to his very core!.

Her eyes open, she looks around, to see
     what gift she's has found.
What is this?... a warrior;
     here with guard down,
     sword and armour to the ground.
Oh, what beauty, he is, muscles ripping,
     strong and tall,
manhood standing.
     Waiting for her bodies call.

She rises to her knees, and mouth wet with dew,
     to see if he is all thats true.
Reaching out she strokes his legs, thighs of steel
     and and strong of will.
Looking up she smiles with delight,
     what pleasures she will have this night.
Hands move slow over tiny hairs,
     Rising in the damp night air.
Eyes watch his cock, strong and tall,
     throbbing with every move she makes
with her hands so small.
     moving close her fingers play,
with hanging large cum filled balls.

He draws the breath that fills his chest,
     her hands moving giving him no rest.
finger tips play and stroke his sac,
     filled and large nothing holding back.
Move along she likes his feel,
     and scent,the way the cock
and soul begin to heel.

Large head and veins, of red and blue
     her lips will kiss and taste very soon.
Moving  up to his long upright shaft
     as his sword, or shepards staft.
Its strong and thick, she pulls it down,
     for her warm mouth to have, its crown.
Her lips kiss the enlarged gorged head,
     he shudders and moans and no word said.
Lips slowly circle round,
     sliding in her throat,
tonguing it as it goes down.

Deep in mouth she pulls and sucks,
     his ass tightens with small bucks.
Wild animal within comes out,
     he snarls, he growls, he shouts.
Pace is moving quick and hard,
     he cannot stop what she had start.
Her hands hold on, they hold his ass
     nails sink into flesh and keeps
her fast.
     Not to lose her grip, and lose her pace
delight and pleasure on her face.

She feels his legs quiver and shake
     hands on her head, she wants her take.
Throbbing cock, and thickening shaft,
     cum shot out hard and fast.
She sucked and drank to get his all,
     his body weakening, begins to fall.
Knees bending, she goes down with him,
     warrior falls, she licks his stem.

On his back, eyes see the night,
     on her knees she, smiles with delight.
Now she stands naked and fair,
     she move above his face to bare.
Bare her slit wet and full,
     lips open pink from wall to wall.
Squating down he opens wide,
     to lick and suck, her sweet hive.
Tongue darting from side to side,
     her hot juice running wild.

With every thrust of his tongue,
     like a motion can't tell where
or when it begun.
     Riding tongue and sweet juice flows,
her hands grabs her tits,
     and curling her toes.
His fingers move up her thighs,
     slowly they slide in her
to bring her tide.
     One in deep and another follows,
as his thumb searchs for the  other hollow.
     Finding it between her checks he jams
it in fast and deep.

Pumping hands and fingers rule,
     She rides his face as on a stool.
Pushing down hard on his mouth,
     Sgw turns to see his cock is stout.
Just the sight bring floods of cum,
     He drinks  it up and
waits for more to come.
     She tries to pull away from him,
His arm wraps around forcing her to embrace
     his face.
Again she pulls and breaks him free,
     To move down to his might tree.
She grasps its shaft, and puts it in,
     deep and hard she start fuckin' him.

His arms reach up and hold her breast,
     His back arc's and she rides his crest.
Down and up, his body pumps,
     She leans forward to get all his hump.
Hips pushing movin' cock deep inside,
     They feel the ocean and movin' tides.
As one with nature, a force so strong,
     both knew that this is were they belong.
As tension builds and heat is now hot,
     Sweat pouring and juice flows within her pot.
They feel in cuming and grab to hold as both
     shudder  and the worlds explode.

Falling down they embrace,  time stands still
     and sounds are lost.
Breathing , sighs, come from deep
     and love's not lost.
They look they smile. they kiss,
     they hold.
they wonder what time has
     for them, love untold?

She stands and offers hand
     to him,again.
     He follows her thru the glenn
to the battle field once again.
     Death stands among his dead,
He smiles and bows to the lady,
     as she says..
"Death, my father, here we are,
     I give him back, unhurt, unmarred."
"No my daughter he is yours, come here to me,
     I'll show you more"
They moved thru bodies, without soul
     till they stood where Death had told.
"Look my fiend, warrior true,
      look at my feet..is that not you!
The warrior look , eyes wide with fright,
     he lay on ground, dead and chalk white.
"I told you warrior payments due, and now I tell
     you paid in full.
Go now, you have made your peace,
     the ladies your, may you both rest in

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