tagErotic PoetryWatch Me Play For You..

Watch Me Play For You..


I walk into the bedroom and see you sitting there
Relaxing quietly in your favorite chair
I'm ready to play and have some fun
But you're tired from all day out in the sun

So I think for a minute and suddenly I know
I can still have fun and give you a show
I take off my shirt and kick off my shoes
Stepping out of my jeans, I give you a view

Taking off my panites and bra that's dark red
I sit right across from you on our big comfy bed
I bring my hands up to my breasts
Giving them a nice and gentle caress

Squeezing them gently as I look into your eyes
Then pinching my nipples as I give a soft sigh
I lay my head back as my hand travels down
Between my legs to my soft warm mound

Rubbing my pussy so soft and slow
Looking at your pants I can see your cock grow
Carefully I part my now swollen slit
Then I start making circles around my aching hard clit

Slowly my two fingers go round and round
From somewhere within me comes this soft moaning sound
Then I move down and slip two fingers deep inside
Ohhh baby I'm so wet, so easily they glide

In and out, up and down my fingers take their toll
I cum so hard from deep down in my soul
I moan your name as my orgasm flows
I need to feel you inside me so badly it shows

I look over and see you naked, standing there
Your cock is so hard all I can do is stare
I turn over and get on my hands and my knees
Ohhh come on and fuck me hard, baby please

I feel your hard cock as you enter so slow
Pushing in deeper and deeper as far as it'll go
Then you start moving it faster, in and out
Mmmmm baby yea, that's what I'm talking about

Then suddenly I feel it building up from within
As you keep pounding into me over and over again
Finally I cum and my juices start flowing
With your hard cock inside me, as it keeps going

In and out you keep slamming inside
My pussy is so wet your cock seems to glide
Then you start to cum and I feel you explode
My cunt squeezes your cock as you empty your load
So sweaty and hot, we collapse in a heap
We curl up together and drift off to sleep.

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by Anonymous01/19/19


That was a super-sized steamy story. Very, very good. I'm looking forward to more.

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