tagErotic PoetryWatch me, watch you

Watch me, watch you


First let us set the ground rules
1)     No talking
2)     Orgasmic cries, swearing and appealing
To whatever deity you like is permissible
3)     No skin to skin contact, I cannot touch you, you cannot touch me
4)     If rule 1 or 3 is broken all activities cease
We both agree?

I darken the room
Light some candles, scented
Flinging my clothes off
Standing naked, I pause
Go and grab a kitchen chair
I sit down preparing for the show

The smell of Jasmine and freshly washed linen
A heady cocktail
Room darkened for arousal
The bed just scant feet from my chair

My cock stiffens in anticipation
Slathering it in lube
Gently caressing the length
A shiver of delicious sensation
Licking my lips
The ambience set for a decadent display

She strides in
Sexiest walk I have ever seen
Hips swaying seductively
Full and heavy breasts
Chest thrust out to display her coveted prizes
Hot pink vibrator in hand

I drink in every second
My cock straining like a wild animal
Hungry to feast

Taking her time
Every second spans an hour
My attention riveted
She removes her shirt
Black lacey bra supporting creamy pale pillows
Hair, raven black draping over her shoulders
The bra falls away releasing heavenly mounds

A picture to make the Mona Lisa look like a child’s finger painting

The erotic tension in the air heavy and ripe
She confidently, calmly walks over,
Turns on the vibe
The buzzing immediately heightens my arousal
My balls now aching
She bites her lip, a little growl
A sexual goddess before me

Our eyes meet, watch me watch you
We grin at our little game
I have to mentally check myself lest I shatter this moment
She leans forwards, tits swaying
Our eyes still locked in that intimate embrace
She touches my cock with her vibe

I shudder like crazy
Electricity shoots from my cock to everywhere
The intensity like grabbing live wires
She grins wickedly
I throw my head back in surrender to her
Not breaking the rules, oh you dirty woman
Bend those rules and bend them hard

My hips start thrusting involuntarily
I enjoy this new sensation
She abruptly pulls away
Leaving me hanging there
Suspended momentarily in my own ecstasy

Wicked woman, teasing me
Oh how I love this strained torture
Voices chained by our own rules
Only way to communicate with gestures and groans

She waits for me to come out of my internal stasis
I can tell how wet she is
That lustful look I know
I nod that she should proceed at her will
Proceed she does, daintily she removes her underwear
Laying back onto the bed
Legs spread wide
I can smell her sex
The aphrodisiac of the gods themselves

That pale pink flesh engorged
The lips I want to kiss, so soft and yielding
Her clit swollen and peeking out of its house ready to play

This is pleasure personified
A living embodiment of desire
I watch her dip a finger into her hole
Using her own juices to lubricate and tease

Swirling little figure eight’s on her love bud
The sign of infinity
Infinite pleasure this time seems to promise
A little moan of delight

I almost forget myself lost in this display
But she reminds me I have a cock
Her mound is slick and ready
She uses her pink buzzing friend

Seeing the two shades of pink juxtaposed together
I again have to check my self
I want to penetrate the distance between us
Penetrate her, while her toy works
Fill her up deep with my cock
Feel the sensations as they vibrate through her
Feel her pussy twitch and shudder around my girth

Little climaxes that build to a crescendo
Listen to her orgasmic cries
The ballad of the sweetest choir
But I can’t

So I sit there transfixed
Welded to the spot as I inhale the scents
View the sights
Hear everything
Experience this display of raw release
Stripped bare, twitching and moaning out her pleasure
This is what reality TV should be!

She sits up and stares not at me but through me
Her eyes open,
Senses closed but to what is happening between her thighs
The buzzing as it tingles her most sensitive places

Crying out her desire now
“Fuck me, Oh god”
Her breathing ragged
Body trembling, her hips fucking
“I’m cumming” she screams
A ripple effect happens. Her legs clamp together
Crushing her toy to her dripping wet pussy
Convulsing around it riding the lighting as it races through her
Mouth open, pearly white teeth on display

Time stretched out in the agony of pleasure
Little twitches, of her thighs
Little gasps, as her peak passes
Dropping the toy to the floor she groans
A tear on her cheek, the pleasure that intense

I have just witnessed a singular moment of passion
A release of things primal
I am spellbound

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