tagErotic PoetryWaves of Passion

Waves of Passion


The darkness beckons us. Hand and hand we stroll out onto the empty beach. The full moon casts an erotic, ethearal glow upon our glistening bodies. You take my hand in yours, your eyes saying all I need to know. We tumble gently onto the wet sand. You pull me into your arms, cradling and showering kisses upon me. The surf tickles my body as it caresses our midnight nudity. Your hands glide over my wet skin, your lips taste of the salt, mixed with your own essence. I kiss your neck, and nibble your ear. My hot breath arousing and tickling.

I can see your hardness and glide my hands down to stroke it. Your hands cup my breasts, the pads of your thumbs brushing the peaked tips, squeezing gently. As my hand gains momentum on your shaft, your mouth encloses over one breast and sucks and nibbles with more passion and force. Your strong knee nudges between my thighs, seeking entrance. I part my thighs and you slip a finger into my slit, flicking my sensitive nub back and forth, back and forth, until it swells. I am wet and ready for you. Had we been anywhere other than on the beach and in the ocean, our foreplay would surely have gone on much longer than either of us could have beared.

I lay myself atop you, fitting perfectly, guiding your member into my opened passion. The backdrop of the ocean and crashing of the waves seem to push us further. I take you all the way in and ride you. I ride on a wave of passion, as the waves crash against us. As if in answer, the water ebbs and flows and our rhythm matches that of the sea. Each time a wave comes I take you in deeper, until you lift me halfway off of you and roll me beneath you.

I don't slide under you, there is no mastery here, it is a mutual ecstacy, we are rolling, and floating in the ocean, making love. I see the moon smile down on us secretly. We thrash with each wave, entangled as if for an eternity. I feel myself building up, and you tighten inside me, as my passion milks you and consumes you with my body.

Our eyes open at the same time and we smile with love, before we can take it no more, we burst. Liquids running between thighs and against slick bodies, merging with the salt water, as if in offering to the gods. We moan and scream each other's names as we ride the orgasmic wave, and ebb, falling together, held in each other's arms.

You struggle and stumble to your feet and scoop me into your arms, carrying me over to our blanket. You put me down an lay beside me, pulling me into your rms. I hold you close. We both know that this was only the first wave to ride this evening. We rest, embraced in each other, sigh deeply, kiss tenderly, and take a lover's nap.

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