tagErotic PoetryWe Become

We Become


In my mind,
I see you.
Like a goddess,
Of flaming desire.
Your eyes,
A window, a portal,
I want to slowly, gently,
Slip into.
Move with,
On ecstasies alter.
A bed of passion,
Where I take you,
To realms yet known.
Entering you.
Filling you.
Dancing a dance,
In step.
A tango.
A pasa doble.
Sensual and erotic.
The first time.
As though,
We had been here,
Many times before.
Deep in your womb,
I spend my seed.
In spasms,
In counterpoint to yours.
You absorb me.
I infuse you.
And we become.

(c) 8/14/02 by: Bo AKA SongPrince/MythicPrince/LovngStrength

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