tagNon-Erotic PoetryWeeping Angel

Weeping Angel


Oh thou fairest of them all
Skin porcelain white
Lips kissed pink
By the morning light

Eyes as green as a new Spring day
Hair auburn, a burning flame
Soft delicate features
A wild creature, never to be tamed

Her beauty breathtaking
A wonder to behold in awe
A smile painted on her dimpled face
She's the most exquisite thing you ever saw

Her wings sheer silver
Her strength within them
Her halo rests upon her curls
One look and you are filled with peace within

She stands before you clothed in light
Her presence a whisper of a song
But listen closely
You'll see that something is wrong

The song you hear is deeply sad
It's the falling of her crystal tears
With every note your heart breaks
As you uncover her deepest fears

You squint against the blinding light
To catch a closer glimpse of her face
But what you see shatters you
Puts you in your place

The world you once knew
Comes crashing down
You fall to your knees
Screaming with no sound

In her eyes you saw horror beyond compare
In them you saw the worst of humanity
You saw every ounce of pain she has endured
You sob from your soul as you flee

When your footsteps are but an echo to her ears
She huddles in the corner and cries
Destined to live a lonely life
She begs her God to let her die

Too much pain for one so fair
The weight of the world makes her weak
She covers her eyes in anguished despair
Her prayer too personal for even her to speak

Days on end her tears fall
They streak her beauty with their pain
Angel amongst us falling
Humanity setting in, she goes insane

Her wings begin to wilt
Like a lonely dying rose
Her features turning to stone
Trapping her in that vulnerable pose

The world around her freezing
If but you had stayed
In your touch she would have been healed
But that hope is gone, sorrow now engraved

Her tears crash around her
Her sobs fill the sky
She wraps herself within her wings
Cry Weeping Angel cry

You can still find her there
In that darkest day she is caged
Return to her thou frightened soul
Release her from her sorrow that raged

Place a kiss upon her soul
Heal her with your love
Erase the pain away
Open her heart to renewal from above

Hold her close
Melt the stone away
Make her forget
Her darkest days

Show her the good in the world
Love her until she learns to love herself as you do
May her only tears be happy now
Complete her, make her new

You, yes you, are her saving grace
You are the good she pleads for
Heal her with your words
Weeping Angel cry no more

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